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Nanak Naam Khalsa School

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About the School

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa

Waheguruji Ki Fateh!

The teachers and the administration of Nanak Naam Khalsa School have served families and the community of the Jersey City area for many years. This institution started with a thought to bring the community close and raise our children with the family and religious values we all were raised with as kids. To create an environment that fosters learning and growth, our teachers, parents, and volunteers came together to bring this thought to life.

Families and Sangat have supported the school for its vision and belief of Sarbat Da Bhalla (working for the good of all humanity)

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Our Mission is to foster an environment and thought process for children where they want to learn more about Sikhi through Gurmat, Gurmukhi, Kirtan, and Gatka


Our Vision is to develop leaders among our students and create a sense of religion that can help them empower the people around them.

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Class Schedule

  • Gulshan Kaur: 201-539-7982

  • Pritpal Singh: 212-729-9984

  • Gurprakash Singh: 917-208-1177

Kirtan (Tabla, Harmonium, Dilruba, Rabab)

  • Jaswinder Singh: 908-305-8006

  • Achint Kaur: 551-208-6649

  • Kuldeep Kaur: 551-689-5138

Gurmukhi, Gurmat &


Key Contacts

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